Monday, 7 April 2008

Hunger pangs satisfied!

"How much!?"

When I told a friend how much it cost to feed a child every day while at school for a whole year they could not believe me, £25 for an academic year is all it takes to make sure a child has a healthy meal every day. "That's the cost of a bi-weekly coffee and a cake!" How wonderful to know that so very simply we can make it easy for a child to concentrate on their school work now that their hunger pangs are quenched, and that their health is improving every day due to the quality food that they are receiving.

Kids at Bweyogerere Multi Purpose Primary School eating their lunch provided by Mighty Meals.

For many children the future is uncertain and bleak. Many are orphaned due to war, HIV/AIDS and personal family tragedy and for them a loving family, a roof over their head, proper clothing, medical care and an education are things about which they only dream, however Mission International has partnered with schools like the one mentioned here to bring effective change into the lives of such children. Mighty Meals makes it possible for them to grow strong physically at the same time as a quality education changes their future.

A primary school class supported by a god teacher and a healthy meal will allow these children to grow up to a more positive future.

Although living conditions are often cramped the children are secure in the knowledge that they are loved and that one day the hard work will be worth it.

Children here are using their dormitory to rest and eat their lunch, however they are happy since the alternative is to do without food and or education.

I personally cant imagine what it means to be hungry day after day, with little hope of regular food. If I don't eat its mostly because of busy-ness or a choice that I make for one reason or another, but to be a child with now means must be the ultimate in dis-empowerment. Sine starting Mighty Meals we have managed to meet the daily food needs of almost 100 kids. This of course is just a drop in the ocean, there are so many more children out there who need fed, it is estimated that a child dies every few seconds as a result of hunger in our world today, a world in which we jockey for position to see who will have the most up-to-date mobile phone and whose wedding cost the most, and what kind of profit we have made on our latest housing deal and so on. I can't point the finger, I'm just as focused on me as everyone else is.

The children concentrate as they wait for their food to be served, soon the frowns will turn to smiles.

Bweyogerere Multi-Purpose Primary School is situated just outside Uganda's capital city, Kampala. It is a bustling township with many problems, but these children know that each day they will receive a good meal.


The school is short of modern resources and so makes what it has work all the harder. The outside walls of this classroom become a permanent lesson for the children.

There are of course many who still require support, these children are orphaned and have become the charges of Pastor Emmanuel and his wife Florence, they never turn children away, making their daily quest for food and resources all the harder.

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